Our Software Localization
Our Workflow
Software Localization ("L10N") is far more than mere translation, it's not only the process of translating software user interfaces from one language to another, but also adapting it to suit a foreign culture.
Each locale has its own specific language, cultural and social conventions, legal standards, regulatory affairs, and preferences that must be met in order to achieve ideal market acceptance. Localization includes translating text, adapting graphics, and recommending changes to the data and functionality of a software user interface, with regards to local culture and reguratory issues.

We have an extensive background in translation of technical documentation for medical devices between Japan and U.S., as well as software development for embedded systems. We specialize in medical device localization for exporting from U.S. to Japan. Our highly skilled staff has substantial experience in this area.

Nihon LocalSoft experts will work with your engineering team to first gain a thorough understanding of your device's software platform.
We can handle deeply embedded systems where code in 'C' or assembler runs with or without real time executive or high level operating system.
Where necessary, we can supply Japanese language fonts in customized sizes to fit the target system's display.
We also will work with your engineering to allow comman U.S. based single byte character code to handle two byte Japansese character sets.

We can do this via character translation mapping or more extensive multibyte re-coding.

Of course we also will perform the translation of your user interface menus, prompts, alerts, and other messages.
Further, we will optimize each word to fit the space allotted, while preserving and enhancing the Japanese users understanding, as he operates your device.